Event Creation


Wedgemere has a full-service team of event planners and managers and has earned a reputation for providing high-quality event services for clients. But it also has a reputation for designing and creating unique events – both in-person and web-based events – based on a client’s specific needs and goals. Wedgemere events are often cited by attendees as among the best that they have attended.

Event Facilitation

Wedgemere also has experienced professional facilitators that can manage, moderate, and facilitate an event that engages participants, draws out their questions and their expertise, and leads to an added value output that leaves attendees educated and excited to apply the lessons they have learned. Wedgemere is known for its integration of technology with entertainment industry style facilitation techniques that create entertaining, as well as informative, events. Dan Delurey, Wedgemere President, is known for his own personal style and his ability to facilitate an entire day of plenary/roundtable events in a way that leaves attendees asking for more. He recently created and facilitated a year-long project involving a diverse group of utilities, tech companies, policymakers and stakeholders that resulted in identifying DR/DER issues and challenges and consensus recommendations.


Wedgemere has an extensive network of contacts that allows it to procure excellent speakers for an event, ranging from high-level keynote-type individuals to expert presenters on specific issues and topics.

Dan Delurey, President of Wedgemere, is an accomplished public speaker who has delivered many keynote addresses and presentations. He has been an invited guest speaker at the White House, and has also testified before Congressional Committees and Regulatory Agencies. He has been interviewed on NPR’s All Things Considered, and has been interviewed by many other media outlets.

Wedgemere’s Accomplishments

  • Created and produced the National Town Meeting on Demand Response and Smart Grid. Now in its 12th year, the Town Meeting is considered to be the highest quality event in its space, and it attracts a wide range of Utility and Cleantech CEOs, White House Officials, Members of Congress, State Officials, and other parties each year. Wedgemere has managed and facilitated the event since its inception.  www.smartgridtownmeeting.com 
  • Created and produced the National Summit on Integrating Energy Efficiency & Smart Grid, which was a unique dialogue on building performance and smart grid & demand response technologies. The Summit, held in Fall 2013, was a first-of-its kind event to bring together the energy efficiency and smart grid communities. www.energyefficiencysmartgrid.org
  • Created and produced the National Summit on Smart Grid & Climate Change, which was a first-of-its kind event that explored how smart grid (broadly defined to include DR, DER, Storage, Microgrids, etc. ) could be used to address both Climate Change Mitigation and Climate Change Resiliency.  Keynote speaker for the 1st Summit in 2014 was John Podesta, Chief Advisor to President Obama.  Keynote speaker for the 2nd Summit was DOE Secretary Ernest Moniz. www.smartgridclimatechange.org
  • Created and produced close to 100 Webinars, some as part of a designed topical series, that are know for their quality as well as the diversity of the audience that attends.
  • Designed and facilitated numerous roundtable workshops and seminar involving Government Officials, Utilities, Technology Companies, Consumer Groups, Environmental NGOs and other stakeholders.
  • Moderated both plenary and break-out sessions at various conferences sponsored by U.S. DOE, White House CEQ, NARUC, and various technology companies.
  • Facilitator and moderator for a unique private with a cross-cutting focus on smart cities. The event was privately sponsored by a major technology company for its clients and other key target audiences.
  • Facilitator for a client retreat sponsored by a major smart grid & technology company.
  • Delivered Keynote Addresses at numerous events and conferences, including both public and private events.
  • In cooperation with Administration staff, designed a special-focus energy event at the White House. Wedgemere was one of only four non-Administration speakers at the event.